Kitchen2You \ Food & Catering


State of São Paulo, Brazil

Kitchen2You is a catering and delivery service with flavors that take you through the streets of São Paulo. From preparation to delivery, the entire process is carried out by chef Fátima together with her team. The main objective is for each customer to take a renamed recipe to their home, with practicality and freshness.

The art of cooking, eating, and sharing, an opportunity for socializing, toasts, conversations, and everything that surrounds a table of friends who sit down to eat.
Through a gastronomic experience with its ready-to-eat dishes, chef Fátima offers its customers the opportunity to taste the best dishes from renowned chefs, in the comfort of their own home.

To tell the whole Kitchen2you universe, we have developed a fresh, colloquial, fun, and warm identity, through a vast color palette, a combination of contrasting typographic styles, and the presence of a cheerful and dynamic logo.

For this different and unique brand, we were invited to develop a new identity, including logo and delivery packaging design. The logo was created in a more deconstructed way to maintain the joy of the identity and play with the fresh and organic ingredients used in the preparations.

For packaging, an eco-friendly material was thought of and with this concern, the entire design and disposition of information is minimalist and objective, seeking the same concern for the production of the brand’s products and collateral. The hand-drawn illustration on the packaging takes you back to the kitchens of renowned restaurants around the world. In addition to the fun and relaxed tone, we kept the brand light and modern.



State of São Paulo, Brazil

\\ Client: Kitchen2You Food & Catering

\\ Year: 2019-2020

\\ Scope of work: Brand Identity & Strategy, F&B Collaterals, Packaging Design, Branding, Environment Design & Motion Design.


Kitchen2You ® by oie\design creative studio

Styling & Art Direction: Marina Hauers