Roc – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Aida Font Studio

Carrer d'Escudellers Blancs, 12, bajos 2, 08002 Barcelona, Espanya

Design: Aïda Font Studio
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: ROCPackaging Contents: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle
Printing Process: Sleeve
Product Launch Location: Europe

When sisters Ia and Elisabeth came to the studio, we found their project very interesting and romantic. Roc is a young company born from a long family tradition, since the 12th century they have been linked to the world of olive growing.

They wanted to recover the oil from the family lands of Vallbona de les Monges with 120-year-old olive groves and give it its own name and identity, ROC. We work with the logo in black and an elegant, solid and clear typeface with the freehand description to reflect the centenary olive trees and the artisan care that the oil has throughout its production.

The next step was the study of the packaging design to give the oil a treatment like the one it deserved, Premium.

Dress it, protect it, publicize its artisan origins and its high quality with a modern design. Transmitting a current design was important because it meant the replacement of the new generations of the family.

The first designs consisted of very minimalist lines, but these were too cold, we finally opted for a more romantic style, which better described the traditional values ​​of the oil, a mosaic of olive leaves on a white background that covers the entire bottle, the Transparent sheets reveal the intense color of the oil, providing a visual game. The oil is what gives the note of color and interacts directly with the design. Finally topped with a glossy black lacquered cap.

We started considering the idea of ​​silkscreen printing the bottle and developing the design around the color white, but the option that best suited for printing and the oil packaging process was the Sleever system, a relatively inexpensive system with respect to screen printing that allowed us to carry out the effect of the leaves around the entire bottle.

A few days after having the oil freshly bottled, Ia and Elisabeth decided to participate in the 53rd Fira de l’Oli Extra Verge les Garrigues, it was the first time that the oil was presented to the world. I still remember the call of joy, they had won several awards, for the best stand, the best product design and the public award for the best oil. The awards followed with gold for best Los Angeles product design and two stars for 2016 Greate Taste.

These recognitions favored them to start exporting the oil to other countries. This project for us is a good example to convey to small producers and entrepreneurs that good designs can be made with small runs in the gourmet sector. In recent years, Premium oils in the gourmet sector have opted for bottle designs and formats with precious finishes, taking care of the oil as gold. This implies that placing a new oil in the Premium category in the gourmet sector has to start from a high design and finishes.

Fortunately, the industry has adapted to be able to serve new projects that start with small runs and give the opportunity to grow. From Aïda Font Studio, as we understand the difficulties behind a project, we always look for the best solution so that the client can achieve their objectives. A dance between suppliers, creative and decisive design that places the product in the chosen market.