Aida Font Studio

Carrer d'Escudellers Blancs, 12, bajos 2, 08002 Barcelona, Espanya

The VITALIFE line offers multivitamins for nutrition and dietetics, sold in pharmacies. It includes four products: VITALIFE Thermo, VITALIFE Woman, VITALIFE Man and VITALIFE Vitamins and Minerals. Boxes have been designed for incorporation in the pharmacy channel, making them more visible and distinctive at the point of sale. The energy concept highlights the products’ ability to promote health. Gradients were used to represent this energy and a minimalist aesthetic was preferred. Due to the production budget, no spot inks were used. It was printed in CMYK with UVI, carefully choosing colors to ensure maximum vibrancy. A silver effect was achieved by using gray with UVI, creating a distinctive metallic look.