Design: Taha Fakouri
Location: Iran
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Milk
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Tetra pack
Printing Process: Digital printing

The impact of creative packaging on sales: Proper packaging with a special design is one of the most important factors in selling and marketing products and also encourages more customers and stimulates their interest in buying the product. We should try to make the viewer a customer at first sight, but how?

It is very important for us to be able to approach the position of our product to the phrase (the first moment of truth).

First Moment of Truth: The moment when a customer encounters a product online or offline. The moment of destiny is the first 3 to 7 minutes of the user’s encounter with the product, and this is exactly the time when marketers should be able to turn the visitor into a buyer. Procter & Gamble defines the moment of a destiny as: the moment when a customer chooses a product from another competitor in comparison to a similar product.

In designing this package, we tried to use the simplest method to attract the customer’s attention, using completely minimal and simple colors, using a cow character with a special mood to identify the product, the customers of this product have a different age range From 3 years to 70 years later, we had to create a special design to attract customers so that they could easily make their purchase.

My job as a designer was to create a creative and new design based on research done on a simple, ordinary container, which, in addition to being different from other designs, also has something new to say.

Because milk is a product that is consumed in families, our strategy was to create a cow character who stands next to his wife and sings for her with joy and love, and it was also designed in a way that we could with any combination in other products. Add another product and create a new character.

At first, by researching the shape, color and personality of the cow, we realized that a personality must be created that, in addition to its appearance, must have a special state in the open space. To make it look friendlier and more interesting, we added a violin, open forms to show the character freely, and red on the scarves to create excitement and color contrast in the background.