Agency: Studio Blackthorns
Creative Director: Ludovic Mornand
Location: France
Project Type: 366 Cans Challenge
Client: Beyond
Packaging Contents: Hard Seltzer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium can
Printing Process: Digital printing

BEYOND hard seltzer is a conceptual range of hard sparkling alcohol water produced with love and art. The range is available in 3 different flavors which are mango, strawberry and green pear.

The RTD category, which includes hard seltzers, flavored alcohol beverages, and pre-mixed cocktails, has continued to meet consumer demand for convenience, new flavor innovation and premium products during the pandemic. As consumers increasingly look for healthier gender-neutral alternatives in products, it seems that hard seltzers are perfectly positioned to fill their needs. Packaged in cans, they are portable and recyclable, two trends that resonate with today’s consumers. While their share growth is impressive, it is coming at the expense of established products such as wine, soda, and the aforementioned beer.

Studio Blackthorns wanted to create a brand that leads and inspires with this need to “cross the borders”. The packaging agency designed 3 labels with an arty and disruptive contemporary aesthetic using very simple sleek and clean colored shapes. More is less and less is better ! The outline typography gives the brand this little something else not that commun in this industry.

What’s Unique?
These cans have been designed by french creative agency Studio Blackthorns. This project is a part of its 366 Cans Challenge for the year 2020.