Le Gang des Levures Hard Kombucha

Studio Blackthorns

Lyon, France

Faced with the growing popularity of low-alcohol drinks, Quebec craft brewer Le Gang des Levures decided to go against the trend by launching a range of funky hard kombuchas. Kombucha is already hugely popular with health-conscious consumers, and Gen Z loves functional beverages and artisanal spirits.

With its new colorful line of hard kombuchas designed by Studio Blackthorns, Le Gang des Levures aims to appeal to this young target seeking Instagrammable and original products. Each can feature a different “yeast monster” with a unique name and personality, reflecting the playful vibe appreciated by Gen Z. Whimsical names like “Le Gluant Fushia” or “L’Éclaboussant Bleu” evoke a manga/comic book universe and encourage choosing your drink based on mood.

The creative process involved generating and upscaling yeast monster visuals via Midjourney, Playful Brewery and product naming, as well as creating can labels and an animated design system.

With this quirky line, its “Pick Your Monster!” slogan and its provocative tone, Le Gang des Levures is positioning itself as a funky alternative to dominant beers/ciders. The craft brewer hopes to conquer the fast-growing hard kombucha segment in Quebec.


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