Energy bites that save the world.

In Canada, 50% of all food is thrown away. While some of this waste is unavoidable, the majority is driven by stock management issues and our pickiness, as consumers, on how our food should look.

LOOP Mission is a circular economy project that aims to reduce food waste by repurposing the outcasts of the food industry. In a nutshell, they save fruits and veggies that are rejected because they don’t have the proper shape, size or a shelf life that is not long enough to survive the cycle of distribution. They transform them into awesome cold pressed juices.

But they’re not a juice company, they’re a food waste fighting powerhouse. They have beers brewed with day old bread, a gin distilled using potato cuttings from a potato chip factory, hand-crafted soaps made with rejected cooking oil… and this is only the beginning! There are so many exciting things still to come, all saving more food products from needless waste.

Loop Mission challenged themselves to create yummy baked goods that give a second chance to as many ingredients as possible. So, this time, the rescue squad has pulled out all the stops, and they can guarantee their custommers won’t be disappointed. Combining a whole bunch of healthy upcycled ingredients results in tasty, ugly, tender-hearted little bites that remind us where true beauty lies – on the inside.

In order to position themselves in a new market (food) and maintain their strong and differentiating brand image, David and Julie wanted Studio Blackthorns to help them implement a positioning strategy and create three new products.

Flavors are Chocolate raspberry beet, Carrot orange turmeric and Lemon ginger poppy seeds (Vegan, Palm oil free, Source of Omega-3, No Preservative).


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