Studio Blackthorns imagines Alt Planets, a concept project completely designed thanks to AI

At the dawn of an increasingly transhumanized generation, Studio Blackthorns wondered if packaging design could one day be completely generated through artificial intelligence.

Present since 2010 in the visual and digital communication, Studio Blackthorns has seen countless trends in all spheres of graphic design, whether in web design, graphic design, product design, photography and videography. At the time, it was easier to stand out on the Internet because everything was still being created. Then, over the years, we saw all kinds of graphic resources appearing to simplify this creative work: ready-made mockups for our portfolio presentations, templates for our PowerPoint presentations, free images on Unsplash or even WordPress or Shopify themes for less than 50 € on many marketplaces.

In short, in a decade, we noticed that design has simply become a commodity and that it was now difficult to make a living out of it for many agencies and freelancers. On top of that, it’s also becoming difficult to charge our clients a premium price for our graphic work. Is it essential for the new generations to benefit from such technologies to respond to a very hectic life and a world that is too complex?

Today, other technologies are added and tend to make our jobs more and more secondary: generative design, code art and artificial intelligence. Just as a machine is gradually replacing supermarket cashiers, will computers soon replace designers and marketers? Will all beverage packaging become NFTs created BY computers FOR computers?

We don’t have the answer, but it’s to these deep questions that Studio Blackthorns tried to think by imagining a concept project called “Alt Planets” and realized at 80% thanks to the artificial intelligence available online today. The challenge could seem complex, but the realization was finally much simpler than expected (to our great surprise)!

The idea was to create a non alcoholic RTD brand in cans. To do so, we used only 2 websites: for the illustrations and for the texts and the product description. You will find the complete result below. And for the record, we only put 20% of our creative work in the process (including typeface selection, minimal rewriting of generated texts and 3D rendering).

Welcome to a 3.0 universe with Alt Planets by Studio Blackthorns…

(with Rytr and the starting sentence “Alt Planets, a non-alcoholic spirit-based RTD for Gen-Z”)

“We’re on a mission to make the world a better place.One planet at a time.

We’re a team of two who believe that drinking well should be fun, easy and affordable.

Inspired by our love for spirits and soda, we started Alt Planets to create our own version of the perfect stellar beverage. After years of trial and error, our cosmic flavours are finally ready. We aim to revolutionize the way the future generation drink cocktails.

Alt Planets was born with the mission of delivering a fresh and unique taste to young generations that are increasingly interested in healthier lifestyle. We are proud to bring an RTD drink without alcohol, without sugar, but with a delicious and refreshing taste.

Our technology delivers a unique cocktail experience that’s instantly recognizable and memorable for life. Alt Planets is an RTD drink made from natural ingredients which contains no alcohol. Our team of scientists has created flavors that will please the future generation of customers.

We’ve created a system and recipe for the world’s first ever cocktail pop. Our Alt Planets are shaped like little planets, and come with an innovative, easy-to-use straw. Perfect for outdoor drinkers and partygoers, our pop washes down a cocktail of choice with a unique, fun experience.

Feeling the heat from the climate crisis and the pace of technology? Drinks can solve that! Why not enjoy a refreshing cocktail that’s actually good for you, made from organic ingredients with a low carbon footprint. Alt Planets’ premium cocktail mixer is a great way to enjoy your drink guilt-free.

Looking for the next generation of unearthly flavours? Look no further than our interstellar flavours! Our cosmic flavours are made using only the best ingredients with bold, satisfying and out-of-this-world taste. You’re not just drinking a beverage, you’re exploring the galaxy. We’ve taken our love for space and turned it into a delicious, healthy drink.”


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