Manufacturer: Greiner Packaging
Location: United States
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Riced Cauliflower
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Polypropylene (PP) and cardboard combination
Printing Process: Flexography

Los Angeles-based CAULIPOWER has launched its new, healthy riced cauliflower range, packed in Greiner Packaging’s 100% recyclable, reusable, microwavable K3® cardboard-plastic packaging solution.

“We’ve taken riced cauliflower and turned it on its head,” says CAULIPOWER Founder and CEO, Gail Becker. “Portable, convenient, freezable, and microwavable, the innovative K3® pack from Greiner Packaging is ideal for a product which is designed as a healthy heat-and-eat at home meal, a quick side for dinner, or a delicious grab-and-go lunch.” adds Becker. “It really is the cup that does it all.”

The K3® light-weight thermoformed cup is made from polypropylene (PP) and uses up to 33% less material than a conventional direct-printed, thermoformed cup of the same size. It is wrapped with a cardboard outer layer.

Thanks to its reduced plastic content, the K3® packaging solution has an improved CO2 footprint, and it can be recycled efficiently as the cardboard and plastic can be easily separated.

The material used to make the K3® pack has been uniquely developed to withstand the low temperatures required to enable CAULIPOWER to be stocked in the freezer aisle and microwaved to heat when ready to consume.