Small Giants Insect-Snacking


London (UK) & Vancouver (Canada)

Design: Midday
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Small Giants
Product Launch Location: United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Crackers
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

The brand formerly known as Crické was founded by four friends with a passion for sustainability. Launching with a range of gourmet crackers made with cricket flour, the aim was to spark an exciting food revolution to help consumers do better for themselves, and for the planet.

Why crickets? Crickets are super sustainable, truly wholesome and surprisingly delicious. Compared to cattle, crickets are also 12x more efficient to raise, have far fewer greenhouse emissions, use far less water than chickpea production, and contain way more protein than eggs. Crické asked us to reinvent them by way of a new name, new brand positioning, and a new brand identity.

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This was a challenge with legs. Not only were we tasked with creating a premium brand for mainstream audiences, we also had to smash an ancient taboo. Although humans have been eating insects for centuries, insects as snacks are new in the west. With so few competitors, this was – in addition – a delicious opportunity to set the benchmark for an entire category.

We hopped to it, determined to create a brand that was buzzing with ‘look at me’ confidence, and singing loud and proud about the products’ nutritional profile and sustainability credentials.

‘Making the weird, wonderful’ was our design strategy. Through a disruptively loud colour palette, a bold personality and an orchestra of oversized crickets crammed onto packs, we turned the perceived weirdness of eating bugs on its head. Oddly endearing, the cricket characters appear here there and everywhere, making you jump but also making you think by way of a witty, informative tone of voice.

The rebrand goes big on weirdness, changes yuck to yum and positions Small Giants as powerful changemakers – here to surprise, delight and encourage westerners to up their ‘sustainable snacking’ game. The new identity is also designed to flex easily across future NPD – tortilla chips made with mealworms, for example.

Looking every inch the ground-breaker, this planet-positive snack brand is making giant leaps in sustainable eating, has set the benchmark for an innovative new category, and is ideal for intended audiences ranging from adventurous eaters to the health-conscious, including flexitarians and others set on reducing their meat intake.