Everiday: A Whole New Look for Whole Foods


London (UK) & Vancouver (Canada)

Midday is proud to launch their rebrand for a Singapore based whole foods company, now known as Everiday, as they move into the US market and beyond with big ambitions to revolutionise the world’s pantry shelves, one premium product at a time.

Formerly known by the name ‘Foods by Ri’, the transformation into Everiday marks a key moment for the brand as it commits to its mission to elevate the everyday.

Founded by nutritionist and nomad Riyana Rupani, Everiday draws inspiration from diverse culinary cultures across the globe. Inspired by the ethos of “Whole Foods the Whole Time,” the brand crafts favourite staple foods with only the finest, better-for-you ingredients, from wholesome granola to delicious condiments.

Midday’s stylish design approach, with its modular design system, is built for rapid and reactive growth throughout global categories, making it ideal for the brand’s pantry upgrade ambitions across limitless product categories.

At the heart of Everiday’s sleek new identity lies a distinctive calendar grid device, representing the brand’s commitment to making the most out every day. This versatile design element, when paired with the typographic logo, lends itself to a range of applications across pack and beyond, creating a unified yet eclectic brand aesthetic.

Primary packs are designed to be bold and impactful, simply featuring scaled-up key brand assets to allow for flexibility of use across the entire portfolio. These are coupled with individually tailored secondary labels and wraps which carry specific details for each range and product type, allowing the brand to innovate and trial at pace.

“Our design for Everiday reflects Ri Rupani’s vision, to make every day extraordinary with products that are made better” says Will Gladden, co-founder of Midday. “With Ri’s name at the heart of the new name, we pay homage to the brand’s founder, her passion and her expertise. We are incredibly proud of the result and confident that Everiday will leave a lasting impression on consumers worldwide.”