Mam Baby: Global rebrand by Midday


London (UK) & Vancouver (Canada)

Since 1976, Mam has been a trusted leader in the world of baby care. From soothers to bottles, teething toys to wearable breast pumps, innovation is a daily focus for the brand.

Today, we realign their progressive brand ethic with their identity. As the brand makes even bigger moves towards sustainable materials, we were tasked to modernise the brand, its communication, the packaging and the world in which it lives.

Our global rebrand spans over 50 countries and more than 200 products, introducing a colourful, modern look with the warmth and reassurance essential to parents.

With increasing challenge from new to market brands, it was important to modernise the Mam brand while preserving its trust and heritage as a company with over four decades of expertise in baby care. The new visual identity seamlessly blends credibility with contemporary appeal, to resonate with today’s parents, and reaffirm MAM as the approachable and trusted companion for those taking their first steps into parenthood.

“We’re proud to unveil MAM’s refreshed identity,” says Claudio Vecchio, co-founder of Midday Studio. “We introduced a friendly and warm colour palette across the brand, creating strong differentiation in a predominately one-colour and pared back category, allowing for clear range navigation on-shelf and online”.

A suite of intuitive icons conveys MAM’s product benefits and features, creating a universally understood system and visual language to overcome communication barriers across multiple territories.

The use of modern photography and styling – which showcases genuine, human moments – allows the brand to establish a deeper connection with its audience, reinforcing trust and loyalty.

The result is a unified brand universe which communicates MAM’s message with warmth.


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