London (UK) & Vancouver (Canada)

Buondi Craft Packaging Redesign.

Crafted with passion, for experts and enthusiasts alike.

Buondi Craft’s range of premium blends are made with beans from some of the world’s best growing regions. Our repositioning for the Greek market elevates Buondi Craft and puts attention to detail at the heart of a passionate brand.

Inspired by the urban craft-coffee shop experience, we introduced a modern barista-inspired brand look to the range. Graphic crops of the distinctive logo create three core range expressions for espresso, whole bean and filter, each one a representation of the coffee-making process. Pared-back colour palettes and sticker-style labelling bring ‘origin’ stylistics to the bold packs, each of which feature individual handwritten barista notes.

Designed to hold its own in the premium coffee world, Buondi Craft’s new look blends style and craft with plenty of energising substance.


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