Whisky Cardhu – Amber Rock Giftpack

Maison LINEA

Design: Maison LINEA
Location: France
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: France
Packaging Contents: Whisky
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, cardboard, paper

Historic jewel of Speyside (Scotland), the Cardhu distillery reveals itself a little more with its premium Amber Rock giftpack…

The MHD France group entrusted us with the creation of a premium giftpack for its Cardhu Amber Rock whisky. Intended for French wine merchants, the box sublimates the decanter by revealing it slightly, caught between two lines of a bright orange. During the opening ritual, the box becomes a glorifier. The interior is intended to educate by presenting the history of the House and the specificities of whisky. Entirely covered with creative paper, the box multiplies the attributes of ennoblement to establish its perceived quality.