Buddy Creative

Exeter EX4 3AP, UK

Design: Buddy
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Fireheart Coffee
Product Launch Location: United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: 100% recyclable pouches / Cardboard
Printing Process: Flexo & Digital

Fireheart Coffee Roasters, a new no-nonsense coffee company, is making fresh hand-roasted coffee more accessible with a mind to disrupt the way we think about our daily brews, making quality coffee more affordable and convenient for everyone.

Fireheart Coffee is a collaboration between three coffee aficionados. Inspired by food and drink subscription services already on the market, they saw a gap for high quality luxury coffee that is accessible for everyone to enjoy. The way we consume coffee at home has changed dramatically over the years, as we have become more adventurous, seeking out new flavours and developing new skillsets. They’ve seen how craft coffee can sometimes leave people out in the cold, so they are determined to fire everyone up – from novice to expert – and show that great coffee isn’t some great mystery.

The team, who are hands-on with sourcing their coffees, ensure they are of the best possible quality and freshness. Selecting and sourcing coffees on a seasonal basis from all over the world, allows them to ensure the freshest coffee is roasted and posted straight to their customers. The company believes in keeping things simple while showing how coffee can go from average to amazing if you only understand that it’s a living ingredient. They call this approach ‘Living Coffee’ – they want to help people experience the excitement and pleasure of Living Coffee – coffee that’s truly fresh and alive with flavour.

Flowing with positive energy, Fireheart Coffee is a coffee brand with a conscience, producing small batch coffee that’s big on character and changes with the seasons for flavours that’ll fire you up all year-round. Inspired by the dynamic and energetic approach of the three founders, our colourful identity for Fireheart Coffee is as disruptive as it is distinctive. An F logo built from three simple geometric shapes references the founders whilst providing the building blocks of the extended identity.

Deconstructing the logo and creating bold dynamic illustrations enabled us to apply the brand across packaging, print and digital materials in a clean, distinctive and memorable way. Fireheart prides itself on its ‘Transparent C’ approach and has a rigorously investigated and fully traceable supply chain. It pays its farmers at least 50% over the Fairtrade value for coffee per lb. As far as packaging is concerned, all pouches are fully recyclable – sadly still rare in the industry – and its pods will be recyclable too. Every effort has been made to lessen the business’s impact on the planet’s resources – it’s a journey that will evolve continually as Fireheart grows and better options become available.