Hale n’ Hearty


Design: Sonali Agle
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: UID
Packaging Contents: Digestive Biscuits
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Eco-friendly Plastic Pouch
Printing Process: Digital printing, stickers

The brief for this project was to design packaging for a digestive biscuit. So, here is a concept packaging for a Digestive Biscuit brand called ‘Hale n’ Hearty’ for one of their products “Crumblers”. The important stage of this project was to design identity as well as the packaging for this brand.

Keeping in mind it’s a product for people who are conscious about their diet and always on the ‘go’, I wanted to make this product handy & easy to carry. Biscuits are brittle, hence to protect them I designed them in a standing pouch. A user could just grab a pack and slip it in his bag and go.

Most of the nutritional products I’ve seen have a monotonous design tone to them with plain graphics and typos. I wanted to make it more playful and enjoyable hence I played around with bright colors, typos, and illustrations which would distinguish between different flavors within the product range. The logo itself is designed in a way to spot a product with a nutritional value, with the leaf being the key element over here. The pattern at the bottom of the packaging is a metaphor for the ‘fast life’.