Location: Indonesia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Popy Go Beauty
Product Launch Location: Indonesia
Packaging Contents: Body Serum
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Tube
Printing Process: Ditigal Printing

Popy Go Beauty is a pop culture-inspired beauty brand that will not only give you great results it is still a very chic yet cheerful brand. They believe in early skin caring, and every girl is different, unique, and has confidence within themselves through Popy’s charms. They are also focusing on making an affordable and approachable brand dedicated to the youngster. Hence the main target is mostly females in their teens.

Through those believe feminine colors are used, which is pastel colors. Pastel colors do also exudes the youth aspect of the overall brand look and feel. Those colors combination are chosen to represent the main special ingredient and the name of each product.

Inspired by those pop culture looks and feel, a playful yet bold visual is used as their logo design. The dynamic composition and the thickness of the typeface portray the 90’s inspired vibes. Those ideas also extend to other brands’ visuals, such as their stickers design and illustration style.