Design: SMAKK
Location: United States
Project Type: Produced
Client: Wild Flower
Product Launch Location: United States
Packaging Contents: Sex-positive toys and products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard

Since its launch in 2017, boutique e-tailer Wild Flower has not only reframed the conversation around sexual wellness, but also undergone its own transformational changes as a brand. This includes a renewed commitment to justice and inclusion, working with budding partners such as The Brownsville Project and Compton Girls Club to educate, empower, and ultimately liberate historically marginalized groups such as Black, indigenous, nonbinary and trans people. Needing their brand to reflect a more authentic expression of the values behind it, Wild Flower partnered with branding and marketing agency SMAKK to create an identity as strong as its convictions.

Working with Wild Flower founders Amy and Nick Boyajian to reflect their company’s voice, SMAKK set out to find a balance between staying fun, curious, and playful while also fostering real, sincere conversations about sex. The result was not only a new logo, but packaging for its signature sex toy the Enby, an e-commerce website, brand strategy and messaging — a particular challenge since Wild Flower’s audience has an incredibly wide range of different experience and comfort levels when it comes to sex. As a result, the messaging woven throughout the brand touchpoints had to be both bold and thoughtful so that all levels would feel welcome, safe, and confident to explore their bodies and their pleasure.

“Our goal was to create something sophisticated yet approachable and human — using soft gradients, organic forms and photography to highlight the emotional aspects of sex – like joy, vulnerability, delight, curiosity, and connection – and create a brand world that feels warm and sensual,” said Katie Klencheski, Founder, SMAKK. Most importantly, we wanted to stay authentic to the founders and the voice they had already created for the brand. We wanted the messaging to feel like it was coming from real people who actually care while leaning into the idea of unlearning sex and relearning pleasure.”

The revamped Wild Flower brand is about more than just bringing new life to the website, but also to show people that sex isn’t “sleek” or “minimalist;” sex is and should be human and messy. Additionally, Wild Flower’s new look demonstrates that sex toys are not for particular types of bodies, but are meant for people regardless of their body.

“It’s not often that you get to work with a client like Wild Flower, a perfect match for our skills and interests,“ continues Klencheski. “Our whole team felt like we understood their vision of inclusivity from day one, and so we were proud to support their mission with a brand that promotes warmth, inclusion, and thoughtful intimacy and hopefully helps open the door to an evolution of the sexual wellness industry.”