Design: Angelina Kopilevich
Location: Russia
Project Type: Student Project
School: HSE Art & Design School
Tutor: Leonid Slavin, Evgeny Razumov
Packaging Contents: Cactus Soap
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Craft paper
Printing Process: Screen printing

Yeehaw soap is an American brand of cactus soap. It is made by hand in Orizon. I made this design inspired by country music. The soap itself has a unique shape, namely – this soap has thorns. They massage your hands nicely while you use it.

The graphic solution is based on a large logo, an illustration of a cactus, which the soap is made of, and a small additional information, decorated, inspired by the naive typography of the country style.

The star in the upper left has two meanings, the first is a star from the Orizon sky, and the second is the sheriff’s badge. This is another symbol referring to the theme of Wild West and country style.

I designed the letters in the logo specifically for this project. Large serifs, reverse contrast, typical for Western American covers and packaging with a modern twist. The naming “Yeehaw” is a metaphor. It conveys the whistle with which sometimes soap escapes from the hands and refers to the cowboy theme characteristic of western America.