Agency: B&W Graphic Lab
Designer: Ben Xu
Designer: Wei Hou
Location: China
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle/Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

Coffee is much more than a cup of drink for the role of contemporary society. It is a symbol, or a human device and label. The drinking of coffee itself has a strong association of scenes and atmosphere.

Carat is a coffee brand founded by B&W. It has been positioned as a boutique coffee brand since its inception. Drinking coffee itself is a very casual thing, but we can also make it more ritual (reflected in the packaging). For example, it is necessary to be more delicate and exquisite in dressing, no matter details or color matching. Of course, CARAT can help you perfect these tedious details. We integrate the concept of “gentleman” into packaging and decompose more graphic expressions. Different flavors use different graphic color to display, each label has its own personality output, but also maintain a unified design language, rich and retain the personality part.

The precise typeset shows CARAT’s pursuit of coffee quality, and the lively details are our preference and recognition of personalization. The concept of “gentleman” is integrated into the brand DNA of CARAT, which preserves our original awe and pursuit for coffee and returns to our original selves.