The smell comes from the ground, and the soil not only breeds life but also extends the unique cultural atmosphere of different regions. This smell continues to grow with time, more precipitated, more living texture. Behind these huge data experiences in “QíLI” work, whenever opening moment, wash your senses atmosphere, all the information that you can quickly experience the most primitive, pure natural energy, in the breath that completes their energy conversion and purification, this experience will be in your senses into odor molecules, with every breath you take an extension and spread slowly, Creating an invisible connection with the “QíLI.” We don’t want to be perfect to seem to be no defect in the industrialized product, but want to keep the milk of human kindness and ethnic flavor and see from the product a unique aesthetic and comfortable way of life. The line or round shape will eventually go extremely simple and refined. From visual to product modeling is a process of deconstruction of brand core graphics, square and circle, Oriental philosophizing, contains both rational rules have perceptual emotion expressing.


气味破土而出,土壤不光孕育着生命同时也延展出不同地域独有的人文气息。这种气味伴随着时间延续生长,更加沉淀,更加有生命的质感。 这些庞大的数据体验蕴含在“其里”的作品中,每当开启的瞬间,所有的信息冲刷你的感官氛围,让你能够快速的体验最原始、纯粹的自然能量,在呼吸之中完成自身能量的转化和净化,这种体验将在你的感官转化为气味分子,随着你的每次呼吸慢慢延伸和扩散,与“其里”产生隐形的连接。 我们不希望变成完美到好像没有瑕疵的工业化产品,而是希望保持人情味和民族的气息,从产品中看到一种独特的审美及自在个性的生活方式。 那些或线或圆的形态,最终会走向极致的单纯和精炼。从视觉到产品造型都是解构品牌内核图形的过程,方与圆,一种东方哲思,既包含理性规则也有感性的情绪抒发。