Coffee beans are brewing and settling every moment. The time here belongs to your experience, mixing time and taste to achieve this moment of leisure time. Build brand time frame by “to” visual sketch, refactoring, time of pointer to form unique time circle, in a loop to hang up the important part of editing a unique graphic, woven into a larger visual framework. Time is a variable that can float, can be connected to each other, can jump, delay, compress, etc. The least we can do is slip into this moment of time, pause for a moment, and enjoy simple peace. At the beginning of the brand creation, we discuss on this topic, drink coffee for this event, it’s just a leisure segment of day, but it is part of energy and comfort, we need to make these brand expression. time to was born out of such discussions. “to” can not only divide time but also connect segments. It forms a unique brand framework, allowing more organic graphics to be integrated into it. “to” is an organic expression of time. The randomness and uniqueness of time segments constructed in this form satisfy our thinking on the concept of time.