Eleon Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Design: George Soulios (Giorgos Soulios)
Location: Greece
Project Type: Student Project
School: 1s D.I.E.K of LARISA
Tutor: Maria Vardiopoulou, Apostolos Kordas, Stefanos Papanotas
Packaging Contents: Oil

Naming: ELEON is a family business that produces and bottles olive oil at the foot of Mount Olympus. The purpose of the business is:

  •  to offer olive oil unadulterated, as 3,500 years ago.
  •  not to interfere in the processes of nature.
  •  not to burden the ecosystem with pesticides and chemicals.
  •  to promote the Mediterranean diet and to communicate it to the whole world.

Olive oil refers to a Linear B sign from Knossos as erawon (έλαιον – eleon) and to others with a special ideogram. Based on these historical data is the name of the company (ELEON).

Logo Design:

  • As is well known, the circle represents perfection and completion.
  • For the design of the logo I relied on this geometric shape.
  • The signal consists of the olive fruit on an olive tree, and all this in a circle.

Color Palette:
As a color that represents the logo and the entire corporate identity of the company, I chose a dark olive shade that matches the color of olive. I still use White and Black in my corporate identity. White expresses purity, low weight and low fat. Black is considered very formal, elegant and gives prestige.


  •  ELEON ORGANIC is an excellent virgin olive oil. White color expresses purity, low weight and low fat. The green color of the logo in combination with the graphic elements and the simple design helps in the easy memorization of the product by the consumers
  •  ELEON ULTRA: White, a clean and bright color highlights the purity and clarity of the product.
  •  ELEON GOLD: A different olive oil consisting of flakes of 24 Carat Gold. Black, a color that gives prestige and seriousness symbolizes the luxury of the product.

Printed matter:
Continuing with the company’s publications, I followed the same minimalist design and simplicity so that the company’s message could be understood by consumers.