Agency: Yasno.branding agency
Creative director: Dmitry Izotov
Art Director: Edouard Hairutdinov
Designer: Edouard Hairutdinov
Designer: Nikolai Piskurev
Technical Designer: Rodion Demochkin
Manager: Varvara Martsishevskaya
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Restoria
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Sauces and mayonnaise

Yasno.branding agency has adapted the packaging design of the mayonnaise and sauce range of Restoria brand.

Restoria trademark is exclusively represented in X5 Retail Group’s supermarket chain. Last year, the brand expanded its range of mayo and sauces. Now the ranges feature: mayo made with quail eggs, olive mayo; creamy garlic sauce, cheese and sour cream-mushroom sauces.

The agency has adapted design concepts to new tastes of sauces and mayonnaise, having assembled unique food groups for each product, while maintaining the conceptual continuity of Restoria brand. The designers created a clear differentiation of flavours, and kept the brand block’s single location on all products.

The brand team has thoroughly thought out the color coding of all the products in the range, focusing on flavour specifics of each. Individual infographics have been developed for all the products – they are icons that visualize the particular flavour and propose the dishes for which particular sauce and mayonnaise is to be paired with. To attract the attention to the product, the claim “new” is placed in the upper right corner of the mayo packaging.

The agency also created the layout of the packaging’s back and prepared the files for printing, following all technical requirements. The Yasno. branding agency team sought to create a most convincing packaging that can boost customers’ confidence, visualizing the key features of each product in the design.