Design: Box Brand Design
Location: Hong Kong
Project Type: Produced
Client: Hao Yi Kang
Product Launch Location: Asia
Packaging Contents: Toothpaste
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

HAOYIKANG is a biotechnology company based in Guangzhou, China, aiming to create a health service system providing the most convenient and perfect solutions to all oral problems for the consumers.

Stumbling upon a kind of miraculous biological lysozyme that could dissolve harmful bacteria in the mouth, the company tried to add the lysozyme into toothpaste, and found that various oral problems could be effectively solved. In this case, HAOYIKANG Bio-lysozyme Toothpaste came into being. Different from other competitors in the market, as the key functional element, the biological lysozyme is an active protein, like the saliva enzyme, that can naturally dissolve in the body, without any side effect.

In order to solve all kinds of oral problems, HAOYIKANG launched 9 categories of toothpastes with different functions for the comprehensive care, which should be too complicated for consumers to recognise. The main challenge of our job is to solve the inconspicuous recognition in the packaging of HAOYIKANG Toothpaste. The original number is retained as the main functional core identification when the new packaging system is designed, which will attract the consumers’ attention at the first glance. Meanwhile, the main function description is stated clearly and conspicuous,thus the consumers will further make clear the different functions for the different numbers of toothpaste. Also numbers are easy to remember and distinguish, so that consumers only need to remember the corresponding number for different oral problems solving needs. Purchasing becomes clearer and faster.

Considering the brand’s biological features with its unique biological lysozyme to be the biggest selling point, Box team chooses DNA pattern to be another visual element, being put under the number, together with a lysozyme symbol specially added, delivering a high-tech, professional, and trustworthy brand image, making single packaging visually connected, highlighting the integral recognisability of the brand when displayed.