Sandeman Veil / Very Old Tawny Porto

Volta Studio


Agency: VOLTA Brand Shaping Studio
Creative Director: Pedro Vareta
Project Manager: Lourenço Neves
Designer: Pedro Vareta
Photography: Nuno Moreira
Video: Estúdio Imigrante
Copywriting: Estúdio Imigrante + Pedro Tavares
Location: Portugal
Project Type: Produced
Client: Sandeman / Sogrape Vinhos
Product Launch Location: Portugal
Packaging Contents: Porto wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Crystal bottle, Rosewood box
Printing Process: Silver hand painting, sand blasting

The Discovery of excellence
Sandeman Veil is a truly unique Very Old Tawny Porto, created to celebrate the brand’s generations of master blender’s tenacity, dedication, inspiration and talent that raised the brand’s Aged Tawnies to the highest level.

A sublime example of a legacy built over many years, this tribute to more than 170 years of blending experience showcases a unique combination of old and rare Tawnies of distinct but complementary personalities.

Inspired by the brand’s enigmatic and unmistakable figure of the Don, VOLTA took the concept of anticipation and designed it into the packaging. The experience starts with a glimpse of a backlit crystal bottle, veiled and sheltered by a rosewood case perforated door.

When open, the bright figure of The Don emerges, with its flowing cape silhouette complete with an elegant bottle stopper that doubles as its signature hat — the picture-perfect embodiment of secrecy.

VOLTA was responsible for Veil’s concept, naming, crystal bottle product design and wood box design, having creatively led a project that involved numerous partners.

What’s Unique?
Sandeman’s mysterious caped character, the Don, is a metaphor for a veil. This inspired and led us to create an unveiling experience for Sandeman Veil, almost as if we were finnally going to find out who the Don really is. A perforated door that acts as a veil for something hidden and precious, shows a backlit bottle silhouette that tempts us to unveil its treasure. Inside, a tailor made crystal bottle, with its hat shaped bartop, is a celebration of the Don and the mystery it lends to the brand.