Cosmetic – Cauter launch 2021

Studio Troika

Praia Grande, SP, Brasil

Agency: Studio Troika
CEO & Design: Leonardo Santos
Location: Brazil
Project Type: Design de embalagens – Cosmetic
Client: Glenn Professional
Packaging Contents: Hair straightening
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Metallic Bopp

When we were hired by Glean Professional, we wanted to present a product that portrayed all the smoothness offered for hair care. We decided to represent using a soft color. We opted for the rose tone, which refers to romanticism, delicacy, but striking as the brand’s love for hair care. We used a typography that combined with the charm of the packaging and easy to understand, thus bringing more prominence on the shelves.

We brought a relegation of the Cauter hair straightening kit, we went deeper in transmitting the feminine beauty, with light but striking colors. With metallic printing we achieved an incredible result, not to mention the 3d modeling that allows for greater refinement.