The Kingdom; & It’s Natural Heritage

like anywhere in the world; The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a natural heritage in aromatic plants. Which spreads its sweet scents and gives the harsh features of nature the details of warmth and joy; It gives it a unique elegance to the beholder and extends like a natural cover, on which a lavender flower and its color Gorgeous violet. The color of violets spreads in the deserts of the Kingdom; As if it were a natural carpet connected indefinitely, made up of beautiful lavender flowers; Which carries the hopes of the shepherds, the longings of the people, and reflects their cultural connection. Spring in Saudi Arabia is a state of constant transformation and renewal; Because the environment affects the characteristics of its inhabitants, for the Saudis learned from their land all its qualities and worked to create their spring in Civilizational change in all fields which is based today on the Saudi Vision 2030 with its ambitious programs that have been covering.