Gateau_souvenir Tart

Masanori Eto

Gateau_souvenir / Churashima-fluer Gateau_souvenir has launched as a brand of souvenir sweets for sale in Okinawa. I have designed the logo and the first package. “Churashima-fluer” are fruits tart. Souvenir sweets do not require sizzle expression. Rather, prioritize creating a brand image. In order to convey the image of paradise, the motif is a tropical flower. I drew a floral pattern with reference to the traditional Okinawan pattern “Bingata”. In addition, the opening of the box is designed in the shape of a flower. When the flowers gather, the sales floor becomes like a flower garden. And, the design concept of “Churashima-fluer” is “The paradise only for you”, the design concept of the Gateau_souvenir logo is a “special gift”.