Hokkaido Non Sterilized Milk

Masanori Eto


Designed by Masanori Eto of ADBRAIN Inc.
Country: Japan

Do you know the non sterilized milk?

I have joined many design project of Milk, before. Therefore, I thought that I know well the fact of the milk… But, one day I received the impact from the non sterilized milk of the manufacturer “OMOIYARI-FARM” in Hokkaido Japan. “Milk that never rots?!” It will be changing like a yogurt… It is unbelievable, however, it makes me feel something possibilities and excitement. I thought that I had to do something.

The non sterilized milk is cow’s mother’s milk as it is. Therefore, I wanted to make the design simulation, as a theme is this Milk.

I was systematized and found of the key word that were associated from a milk and non sterilized milk, to look for the metaphor. The whole image of the design appeared as if the flashback when I met the words “School-lunch” and “Teaching material for infants”.

The message of these packages is “The mammals grow up with mother’s milk, you also !”. Our immunity is received from mother’s milk, and nutrient is received from mother’s milk, too….and we grow up. I wish that we can happily learn this fact with a feeling, gratitude to each mothers.

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