Sustainability water package

Masanori Eto

Sustainability is a problem of the first magnitude in this generation. Therefore, the purpose of this concept design would be switching the water in the package from a plastic bottle to a carton. This design aims for sustainability as a voluntary choice. And, emotional methods are effective in encouraging voluntary choices. As a design, printed the border pattern to the carton. As a result, it will change one feel refreshed, positive sustainability, and wish to go outdoor, like when we are wearing a border T-shirt.

Using the image of recycled paper, it looks like sustainability. However what matters is how we could achieve sustainability in lives. In my opinion, the best methodologies for sustainability design are essence, not superficial.

This project was designed as water for hotel amenities. It is the water to carry in our bag when going out from the hotel while traveling around sightseeing spots. I think sustainability should become more everyday things and enjoyable. We aimed for sustainability that does not impose.

Masanori Eto



Creative director / Planning. Masanori Eto

Art director. Ryohei Wada

Designer. Rie Takahashi

Cooperation: Nihon Tetra Pak K.K.