GREEN GOLD – 5D Collagen X Hyaluronic Acid


There is no possibility that people lost their desire of beautiful thing, especially women. Collagen X Hyaluronic Acid is the product with a totally new idea of Feminine Aesthetics that Green Gold designed. When light pink matches the soft lines on the design, it enhances the desire of human nature. Flexible lines of the appearance are consistent with brilliant laser color blocks. The opening of Collagen X Hyaluronic Acid is designed to admire our brilliance after using the product and let it decorate our home to present fashion and delicacy. Moreover, the design reminds us of “The Birth of Venus” that beauty is something last forever. We also add the idea in our design. The product is not only like the tradition one- off caring product, but also a sublimation of beauty that can become one of the decorations in your home. For us, that is how we chasing after beauty.