Andrea Castelletti Studio

Via Breno, 2, 20139 Milano MI, Italia

Main characteristics: clever, selfish, generous, kind, ruthless.
Favorite character: himself.

This is the profile outlined by Ama Aquilone’s people when we interviewed them and asked them to describe Gabriele, nicknamed “il topo” (the mouse), to whom this wine is dedicated. The story that accompanies this Marche IGT Syrah wine, produced in a limited and numbered edition of 720 bottles, is in fact linked to someone who has been part, and still is part, of Cooperativa Ama Aquilone’s history: Gabriele Novi, known as “il topo” (the mouse).

Pop and outside the box, this label has a double meaning that makes it self-contained as it manages to celebrate both Gabriele and this excellent Syrah.

The external contour of the last “O” is embossed, whereas the central part is printed with Kurz Light Line Space Select foil, a foil that has an iridescent effect, which represents a sort of hyper-dimensional portal connecting us to the place where Gabriele is now and from which he comes to visit us through this wine.

Fluorescent green, which was chosen for the closure made of shellac and some details featured on the label printed with Kurz Brisk Green foil, is a color that is as flashy as Gabriele was. At the same time, it represents concepts such as hope and positivity.

Even the choice of the bottle is not left to chance. Its small size and enlarged shape made it unusual and impossible to ignore: short, like Gabriel was, and tiny just like a mouse.

Andrea Castelletti Studio

Via Breno, 2, 20139 Milano MI, Italia

Naming, Concept & Design: Andrea Castelletti​​​​​​​
Still-life photo: Marco Biancucci

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