Poci, tales of nature

Andrea Castelletti Studio

Via Breno, 2, 20139 Milano MI, Italia

Poci is more than a Tuscan farm, producing Chianti wine and olive oil, it is in fact an oasis in nature, is an invitation to immerse oneself into the present moment, and to connect directly with one’s aliveness. It is a place to pause for a while for a silent retreat. Considering Poci itself as an experience, we thought it was essential to bring that level of interaction and discovery within each of its products. We thought about ‘silence’ as an element that exists in the absence, something that becomes an empty container to be filled with meaning — just as in nature, where the meanings can be hidden in a river, among the leaves of a tree or in a glass of wine. Poci’s labels, featuring the beautiful illustrations by Gianluca Folì, pushes the one who looks at them to seek and make discoveries, to change perspectives. In fact, only the one who truly can see will find the hidden message. Poci is an invitation to explore ourselves and to listen (or read) beyond words.

Andrea Castelletti Studio

Via Breno, 2, 20139 Milano MI, Italia

Agency: Andrea Castelletti Studio
Creative Director: Andrea Castelletti
Art Directors: Andrea Castelletti, Andrea Flemma
Illustrator: Gianluca Folì
Graphic Designer: Andrea Flemma
Still-life photos: Marco Biancucci