Peace on Earth & Poetry Christmas

Nero Atelier

Peace on Earth

Inspired by the Christmas story. At a time when stars and angels became one of the icons in the story of the birth of Jesus. The star who at that time was trusted by 3 wise men in finding the location where the Savior was born. And of course, the presence of Angels who bring good news to people in welcoming the birth of the Prince of Peace into the world. The design is simple, clean but still timeless. The use of gold & black colors makes premium wine by Nero Atelier more classy and luxurious.

Poetry of Christmas

What would happen if the lyrics of a timeless Christmas carol were inscribed in a wine bottle design? Of course like what we have done. By using a design taken from the lyrics of a Christmas song, this design is unique and elegant. The use of duotone (black & gold) makes the poetry of Christmas work like a timeless work.


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Nero Atelier


Creative Director : Yohanes Raymond

Designer : Raymond

Nero Atelier