Sanum Per Olium Premium Olive Oil

Sanum per Olium is a family-owned and family-run organic olive oil business located in Sierra de Cádiz, Spain. Their olives come from the Lechino Silvestre olive tree, a rare variety of olive trees with exceptional nutritional properties and health benefits originally brought to Spain by the Phoenicians 3,000 years ago.

Sanum per Olium, has a strong peppery and bitter, almost spicy, sensation in your throat, as this sensation indicates the extremely high levels of oleocanthal, oleacein and other antioxidants (including tocopherols, polyphenols and Omega 3, 6, and 9). To enhance these natural qualities and embolden the flavor, the client harvests the olives early and completely by hand. The olives are then milled immediately after harvesting, and are cold-pressed without the use of any chemicals, filters or hot water, all to maintain the natural organoleptic properties and prevent oxidation.

Based on this information we created a sophisticated brand identity under the creative concept of Elixir of Life “sanar a través del aceite”. The logo was drawn by hand, resembling the movement of olive fields as well as highlighting the letter S from the client’s farm called: San Juan.


 In terms of the packaging, we wanted the bottle to resemble the traditional Phoenician vases in which olive oil was first cultivated years ago creating a mysterious yet elegant vibe that highlights our client’s family heritage of olive growers. At the same time, we opted for serigraphy in order to transmit a minimalist and simple feel letting the own bottle be the protagonist of the story. For the boxes, we created a unique set of hand illustrations that highlight Sanum Per Olium’s benefits as well as create a sense of belonging with the Phoenician culture.

For the photoshoot, we wanted to portray the story of being enlightened by these magnificent “liquid gold” that with its bold and unique flavors fills your body with exceptional nutritional properties and health benefits discovered by our ancestors.


Creative Director: Daniela Herdoiza

Lead Designer: Carolina Yajamin

Designer: Fernanda Zarate

Photographer: Tamia Vivero

Sanum Per Olium