_About The Project_ This project was inspired by 36 days of type. It is about the exploration of Georgian letter shapes, my personal view of them. Each letter was created on a different day and carries my different emotions. There are letters that I hate, and there are 10 marks that I love with all of my heart. (This is purely personal and does not mean that they are the best.) This is not a typeface and is not made to be legible. _Box_ I wanted to give purpose, a new life to these letters and decided to take eye-catching color and make a box out of it. Why this color? whenever you see a yellow box, you immediately know there is something special in it. Items in it will help you think and get creative outside the box. _Georgian_ Georgian scripts are unique in their appearance and their exact origin has never been established. Georgian is presently written in a 33-letter alphabet. Mkhedruli is the third and current Georgian script.