Brands with a purpose.

Plenah’s Butters are healthy, liquid, smooth, and tasty nut butter with no sugar added. They are perfect for snacks and toppings because of the unique texture that lets you spread them with confidence on all of your favorite dishes.

The concept of the product line is mainly based on the fluidity of the butter. Thats why the packaging design is all about layers that represent the main flavor and the ingredients of the formula. The layers are also a way of accentuating its organic and homemade production – denoted also by the irregular edges.

The brand stands for sustainability and promotes a recycling program in the Miami area for local buyers thanks to the glass jars. By collecting 6 jars you can exchange them for one butter of your choice for free.

Spread with confidence. Spread the taste. Spread the Plenah’s Butters.


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Brands with a purpose.

Strategist: Leonor Casas

3D Artist: Miquel Nadal

Packaging Designer: Paola Parodi