SHO Brewery® is a craft brewery founded by beer enthusiasts Dmitry Voloshchenko and Alexey Gubsky in 2017 in Mykolaiv (Ukraine).

“For us, brewing is akin to art. Beer is our canvas – we have water, malt, hops, and yeast. Four basic paints, four essential elements. And the most crucial aspect is imagination and a great thirst for creating new things. We experiment with styles, tastes, ingredients. We are trying to go beyond the mundane and boring. As with any good work of art, we, first of all, create an emotion.”

The task
The brand’s corporate identity has become outdated for several years. It lacked clear rules – each label was made spontaneously, without understanding corporate fonts, colors, and a transparent visual system. It became clear that a complete rebranding was needed.

The solution
We updated the identity and collected all the materials into a single guideline, describing all the style’s rules. For the label, we have developed a simple template consisting of descriptive texts and a large photo symbolizing the taste and style of a particular beer. As a result, we have two label styles – for basic and sour beer varieties.



Creative Director → Dmytro Panasiuk

Art Director → Roman Sorochynskyi

Copywriting → Dmytro Panasiuk

Photography → Hooly Gooly

SHO Brewery