Bullfrog is one of the best Italian barbershop brands. Their Grooming Lounge experience, is based on a philosophy that best meets the needs of today’s man, offering exclusive treatments based on high quality products. The Bullfrog’s style combines the latest international methods with the style of Anglo-Saxon and North American barbers.

In this project Bullfrog is proud to reinterpret 4 gestures through new ingredients and new textures: Liquid Hand and Body Soap, Nourishing Hand Cream, Refreshing Body Tonic, Delicate Purifying Mouthwash. The illustrations mix the ancient Greek and Roman iconography with a newold tattoo style.

The style of the illustrations and typeface is inspired by the old lithographs of the past and the imperfect printing look and feel of the letterpress printing process.

The family of labels is coordinated by the black background color, and by a central illustration that varies according to the product. Each illustration is placed in the center of an orange shape which gives a very strong color accent and gives it immediate shelf visibility.

The product family is composed by different materials: aluminium tube and can, plastic and glass bottles. Despite the difference, the materials are color coordinated two by two. The body toner and hand cream have the metallic color of aluminum, while the mouthwash bottle (glass) and the soap bottle (plastic) both have the same dark brown color. Each Bullfrog product is the result of a series of development choices that consider reducing the environmental impact as one of the priorities to combine high quality with ecological sustainability.

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