Barcelona, Spain


Art Director & 3D Artist: Adrià Tañà

Designer & Illustrator: Enrique Puerto


DAYDREAM KOFFUCHA was founded by Dalton Honore who enjoys coffee but is sensitive to caffeine. Koffucha is a more efficient and healthier alternative to traditional coffee, with all the benefits but without the drawbacks; increasing the natural flavor notes of high-quality and fair-trade ingredients, all fermented in small crystal batches.
The brand wants to become the standard drink to whoever is looking for the energy of coffee, but not its after-effects. A brand that stands for taking things slowly; to relax, enjoy your drink, and recharge your mind and body. All of that will help us to balance our work and daily life.


  • Two worlds, one can –

The concept of the redesign was to communicate balance. Doing so iconically, standing out of the dark tons of coffee, and the typographic approaches of kombucha.

The solution centers on a big isotype that is easy and fast to be recognized on shelves, and on social media. Colors are divided and mixed at the same time, a sort of visual yin-yang: energy + health, coffee + kombucha, job + personal life.

For the logotype, we modified “Kaftan Serif”, to keep its dreamy shapes, but perfectly matching it with the symbol. Combined with “Plaid” and “Plaid Mono” for the copy, a more earthy and industrial typographic family which is easy to read.

While flavors are differentiated by colors, that might be difficult for consumers to understand. That’s why we design a series of beautiful yet simple illustrations showcasing the ingredients in the back.

Choose your favorite or love them equally!