Beyoglu Chocolate


The aim of the project is to introduce Istanbul or one of its districts with packaging design and I chose Beyoğlu. When Beyoğlu is mentioned, I immediately think of chocolate. I did some research and as a result; I learned that although they have many lovers, they do not have packages of chocolates, they only sell them wrapped in aluminum foil. I wanted the new package of this product, which has been customary for years, to establish an emotional connection with its consumers. You can see cats of a different breed, color or temperament in every corner of Istanbul. The great density of these cats used to be in Beyoğlu. I defined my concept as “feelings” and combined the places that symbolize Beyoğlu with cats. I tried to create some emotions when you see the cats in those packages, as you can understand the emotions they feel when you look at the faces of the cats or their actions.