LITMUS® was created by three founding partners; Maximiliano Nef Sahli, Sebastián Del Río Baeza and Carlos Frazzoni Rotger. In an industry that was very affected by the pandemic; each one of them looked into the future and decided to turn this economic uncertainty around.

Along came Alejandro Schulze, who, by chance, offer to could do a masterclass on distillation and product development.

This is where the LITMUS® journey begins. In our first Masterclass, the question that came up was:  what if we created a original distilled product? Something new, fresh, commercial, quick to produce, and that we really like? With a great visual impact and remembrance, but most importantly; that when people try this new product, they would have the sensation of tasting something different; never seen before.

We achieved this by changing the color of the liquid, by adding some natural flowers that influence the PH. Our first concept was the color of the liquid, something new, but it was not enough!

We approached Giorgio Pandolffo, a graphic designer with extensive experience in packaging, to articulate and give life to the product. Our references were the South of Chile (Licanray, where the project started),change (color, social outbreak and pandemic) and forest conservation (generate the least impact on the environment). At that moment, we decided that we were going to need a strong image, easy to remember and able to bring together all the referential concepts.

After several brainstorming processes, we concluded that our image would be the “Luma Chilena”, an endangered beetle that calls its mate through its iridescent colors. This is the origin of the word “LITMUS”. To make the label even closer to our country, we decided that the die would resemble the Andes Mountains.

Our distillate is composed of red fruits, pineapple, basil, and cardamom, and reduced with an infusion of organic flowers, which gives the great particularity of its blue color. This color can change to pink if a citrus fruit is added, and to calypso if an alkaline is added, as it is an “active” color. It also has only 3% added sugar and is gluten free.

The impact has been incredible and of great acceptance, a different and novel product ready to compete in the market. After 4 months since its launch, we have had excellent feedback, with presence in more than 60 points of sale throughout the country and on the verge of exporting it as a new direction.

LITMUS® is Happiness.