Super Bock Collector’s Edition


Leça da Palmeira, Portugal

From the alchemy between knowledge, taste, knowledge and wanting, the Super Bock Collector’s Edition is born, a special edition, entirely signed by Omdesign, in a production of only 500 numbered bottles of a unique beer with an incomparable flavor and aroma. This blend honors the origins of Companhia União Fabril Portuense (CUFP), the current Super Bock Group, and pays homage to the microbrewers responsible for its genesis.

Super Bock Collector’s Edition, a beer to share, collect or simply contemplate, combines the knowledge of the masters with the flavor of malts and results from the perfection that is only available to those who, day after day, try to do more and better and seek what was never reached before.

This unique nectar, designed for “connoisseurs”, is presented in an exclusive bottle, designed by Omdesign, which was adorned with a screen-printing that reproduces the original panels of Augusto Gomes placed in the production room of Leça do Balio. These portray the craftsmanship and work of the artisans, who transform the cereals and hops, and where the agency looked for the detail that illustrates this Super Bock Collector’s Edition.

Its individual box, created and produced in cork and cardboard, also has two tall glasses, specially chosen for a good sharing moment, raising this beer to a level never seen before in the beer universe.

The Super Bock Collector’s Edition original bottle, where the gold of the cereals and the boilers illuminates the mastery of the craftsmanship, was inspired by and recreates the old bottles used by CUFP. The detail of the swing-top sealed in red exalts the artisanal character of this blend, in which all the colors refer to the brand’s DNA and, together with the metallic logo, reinforce the premiumness of this beer, designed essentially for collectors who value excellence, exclusivity and new experiences.

The 100% Portuguese agency, in addition to being responsible for the product and packaging design, also signs the naming, concept and storytelling of the Super Bock Collector’s Edition, which carries with it decades of history and knowledge accumulated for more than 100 years, full of dedication, wish and passion.

“A beer with body and soul” was the claim adopted for the multimedia campaign created by Omdesign. The spot, which reveals the essence of this unique and innovative project in the brewing world, can be seen at: