Quinta do Piloto’s Moscatéis – Family Collection


Leça da Palmeira, Portugal

A journey through time with the luxury Quinta do Piloto’s Moscatéis

Quinta do Piloto Moscatel de Setúbal Family Collection and Quinta do Piloto Moscatel Roxo Family Collection are two rare Moscatéis from Quinta do Piloto, both signed and produced by the hands of Omdesign.

They are very exclusive wines that carry the legacy of four generations of Cardoso family in a chest that transports us on an authentic “journey through time”. This edition of only 25 bottles of each Moscatel is presented in two luxurious packaging and each one of them enhances the uniqueness of these “jewels” of Quinta do Piloto. They are a true ode to the past and a tribute to Humberto da Silva Cardoso, founder of this historic house on the Setúbal Peninsula, known throughout the world for its production of superior quality nectars and unparalleled Moscatéis.

The entire project was conceived in detail and carefully worked, where each piece was specially designed and produced with distinctive shapes and materials. From the exclusive silver spoon, created to calmly enjoy these rarities, to the uniquely designed decanter, from the Cherry wood to the Alcantara chosen for these packages, all the pieces were designed and developed to give a unique aspect to this edition, honoring the singularity of this very special Family Collection.

The colors chosen are distinct and, at the same time, identifying of the Quinta and of the region. Omdesign was inspired by an original bottle of Moscatel de Setúbal to create the exclusive decanter that is adorned with a collar and has several elements that refer to the cinema theatre in Palmela, built at the behest of Humberto da Silva Cardoso. We also used the monogram present on the gate of the cinema with the initials of the founder, we merged all the elements and we took the detail we have on the packaging and on the decanters to the original plaster ceiling of this emblematic room. These exclusive pieces were also completed with details of some tiles of the reception and the bartop has an interlacing which represents the tradition and the art of well-making these Moscatéis. This edition is, without a doubt, a homage to Quinta do Piloto and its founder, as well as to the region and to the Moscatel de Setúbal category.

These special editions offer to taste a century of passion and dedication of a Palmela’s historic family and carry inside, in addition to a 50cl decanter and an exclusive spoon, two glasses, a booklet and a certificate. All of this is locked in a chest with a unique key, made of gold and silver, which highlights the rarity of these Moscatéis de Setúbal.