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O thou, my muse! Guid auld Scotch drink! – Robert Burns

Omdesign® went to the origins of Scotch Whisky, that are on the basis of this concept, to give life to Chronicle. The starting point was motivated by the exclusivity of a single cask that carries the spirit of a unique and rare beverage born from the adversity of time and extreme conditions faced during its several decades of aging.

The careful creation of this project represents and honors its heritage, respecting the purity painted in the harsh landscapes of Scotland. To enhance the mystery behind this nectar, the flavors and aromas that smoothly arise are brought to life due to the decanter’s construction with a game of amber and crystal-clear layers.

This edition is an ode to the time-lapse through historical and remarkable spirits, as well as the origins of Whisky itself. Omdesign® gathered all their knowledge of 25 years of experience and developed the whole concept around the idea of preserving and carrying the history of aging and maturing this nectar.

Chronicle is also a symbol of the unique moment of spirits’ worship, created for The Auld Alliance, a worldwide company renowned for its superior quality products and special editions.

Chronicle was developed from the inside out, in three distinct parts that merge into a single piece. The interior of the exclusive decanter gains the shape of the auld (“old”, in ancient Scottish) cask, which brought this very limited edition to this day, mirroring the brand’s care and will to keep its unique characteristics and legacy intact.

The exterior of the decanter is crafted from the wooden stripes and staves that make up a whisky cask. In combination with the colors reminiscent of the Scottish landscapes, it creates a captivating game of transparency, layers, and crystalline light, resulting in amber and rich hues. This design allows for a 360° view of the intricately molded interior, introducing new levels of detail and dynamism as this unique piece of art is turned.

The bottleneck, with a see-through effect on the cork stopper glass ring, is inspired by the one that is thought to be the oldest bottle of Whiskey, dating back to the end of the 18th century or to the beginning of the 19th century. The inspiration for the design of this unique decanter came from both the bottle itself and the aging cask that held this exquisite nectar for decades. The distinct internal shape, resembling the shoulders of the inner glass layer that merges with the exterior extruded buds in amber, reminiscent of the staves of the unique and original barrel, were crafted by Omdesign® to capture the essence of this remarkable project. To enhance its innovation further, this special edition is enriched with striking reflections, textures, and contrasts, thanks to the incorporation of silver components, the Scottish tweed fabric, and the glass elements. The field that gives ground to this Whisky is portrayed on a chiseled silver piece on the decanter base, assuming the lines of its landscape and reinforcing the genesis of this precious spirit.

To pay homage to the terroir, Omdesign® resorted to noble fine papers and challenging printing techniques, full of textures and with an incredible sense of touch and feel, to create a realistic and artistic approach to Scotland’s scenery, that worked as a journey through innovation that helped us to elevate the details of this unique decanter.

The circular wooden display that showcases this singular and iconic bottle refers to the barrel where this whisky aged and its preciousness is highlighted by the silver details that adorn it. The texture of tweed was also transposed to this element, as the silver pieces has an engraving that illustrates the pattern that create this effect. At its base, we find the details designed for the entire Chronicle Series experience, as there are supports that carry the pipette and its pump during shipping, but also the bartop support, designed for tasting moments.

The unrivaled transport case, which was specifically designed for this packaging, was conceived to serve as both a protective case but also an ornament that could be displayed.

Covered in black leather on the outside and in tweed fabric on the inside, the exquisite exterior case is locked by a brown leather belt. It evokes the elegance of editions that hold jewelry and works of art, with its Alcantara base enhancing the uniqueness of this whisky.

The Chronicle Whisky concept was conceived with a focus on elevating the luxurious experience for the consumer. Numerous design elements in this edition were meticulously crafted to elevate the tasting moment and the serving ritual. These include the remarkable pipette – fully developed by Omdesign® – and its pump, the support for the pipette and bartop, as well as the functionality of the display, which opens to facilitate whisky service using The Auld Alliance’s exclusive pipette.

About The Auld Alliance and Chronicle Series

Established in 2010 in Singapore by Emmanuel Dron, a French seasoned expert with over 25 years of experience in the Spirit Industry, The Auld Alliance stands as a testament to his profound passion for whisky and spirits.

As an unquestionable whisky connoisseur and a foremost authority in the realm of fine spirits, Emmanuel’s discerning taste and knowledge have transformed The Auld Alliance into a heaven for devotees and specialists. Under The Auld Alliance label, since 2010, Emmanuel has meticulously curated an exceptional collection of over 100 Single Casks of Whisky, Rum, Cognac, Armagnac and Calvados.

With the ambition of being more than a world-renowned whisky bar with focus on quality and rare casks over quantity, The Auld Alliance has a strong support base in Japan, Hong Kong, China and in Europe, and regularly participates in Whisky Festivals as exhibitors.

In 2021, Emmanuel embarked on a collaboration with Omdesign®, whose partnership gave birth to the Chronicle Series, a testament to the fusion of expertise and creativity.

The Chronicle Series is a selection of the finest, oldest and rarest eaux-de-vie from Cognac and Armagnac, along with exceptional Rum and Whisky bottlings, with origins in Paradise – or “Paradis” -, a dark cellar which houses only the most mature eaux-de-vie, which are at their peak in the aging process.

This Series sleeps in large, bulbous glass containers known as demijohns. Taking inspiration from this, all the Chronicle offerings are exclusively available in custom-made 3 liter bottles fashioned in the likeness of these distinctive vessels.

These editions aim to transport discerning drinkers to Paradise via a singular “à la pipette” experience, Omdesign® developed special and exclusively designed pipettes to transfer these nectars from the very own unique bottle into a glass to taste and appreciate these unparalleled spirits.


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