Dalva Pure Vintage


Leça da Palmeira, Portugal

The renowned Portuguese company C. da Silva, which has a century-old tradition in the production of unique Port wines, launches Dalva Vintage Pure with an image signed by Omdesign, affirming its commitment to the production of sustainable wines.

In line with the environmental concerns that the company has always defended, Omdesign was inspired by the preservation of local biodiversity and carried to this Vintage the sustainability values ​​associated with this product and the brand, whose production methods comply with the cycles of Nature and rely on with as little intervention as possible.

With a minimalist design, which adopts earth and nature tones, the agency created for this project an exclusive illustration of a branch of a vine, which occupies a prominent position, as a sign of the respect for the environment that the Dalva brand defends, especially in this Port wine, whose grapes are preserved through the Organic Production Method.

Reinforced by the sustainable and recyclable materials and selected finishes, such as fine paper and relief, Dalva Vintage Pure expresses all the purity and character of the Douro region. The exterior packaging was developed in line with the labeling and shares the same finishes, and was produced in Kraft cardboard, highlighting the most natural, ecological and sustainable aspect of this edition.