Varna Winery red wines

the Labelmaker

Sofia, Bulgaria,

the Labelmaker: Two red wines under the sign of a contemporary design

Varna Winery is one of the most famous and recognizable producers of white wines in Bulgaria. Regardless of their well-known product profile, the winery also makes great reds, albeit in small numbers.

Sublima and SMS are the two red wines of the winery, which, although set in a different price segment, share a common visual concept. As with white wines, I decided to use the lighthouse and its rays as the most recognizable symbol for the winery. Like white wines, I tried in a very explicit way to convey the theme of light using two asymmetrical triangles stamped with a hot foil. At the same time, I took a lot of time to breathe more life into these rays and created a special texture with micro-relief, which enhances the feeling of light, rays, reflections and direction. Precise printing is crucial here, so once again I trusted my colleagues from in order to get best results.

The Sublima series is designed in black and copper, while the SMS has more visual similarities with the white wines of the winery and is presented in white and gold. Both wines use conical bottles, which additionally create a feeling of stronger character of the product itself. The closure is with cork and wax for Sublima, and for SMS with a gold capsule.
This design is a natural continuation of the white wine design of the cellar that I showed some time ago. It is an attempt of mine to transform the whole vision of Varna Winery and to put it under the sign of contemporary design.