Miracle Drinks x Moshi Moshi Media LLP

Moshi Moshi Media LLP


About the client:
Miracle Drinks craft plant-based lifestyle/health drinks that are standardised over years of careful formulation following the principles of allopathic medicine and Ayurvedic healing. Their 8 products provide targeted care for individual organs that can be used in conjunction with one another to provide holistic care for lifestyle health issues.

The brief:
We were approached by Miracle Drinks to revamp their existing packaging design to something that was seen as a lifestyle offering, as opposed to a medicinal drink. The brief came with just one constraint, that we cannot change their bottle structure or colour.

Service provided by Moshi Moshi Media LLP:
Brand Consultancy, Research, Brand Strategy & Packaging design.

Interesting Findings from our research
– Ayurveda has a lot to it that the youth is not aware of, making it more appealing to the youngsters so that they will try it.
– Purpose-oriented packaging design would help understand the benefits of the product, as opposed to other brands in the market.
– A respondent mentioned “Whenever we reach out to take medicines it creates a fear in our minds about our health.” – The design or visual should be like in a way that it will create a connection not a moment of fear.

Brand Positioning
“NeoAyurvedic Care for Sustained Health”

  • NeoAyurveda©, a new term was coined, to state that their products are an amalgamation of millennia-long R&D of the Ayurvedic Sciences and a contemporary approach to medicinal formulation. Prevention is better than cure, after all. Ayurveda is viewed as a slow & old treatment. By highlighting the amalgamation of old+contemporary formulation, we wish to bring back the trust in our lost sciences – making the brand more approachable, especially among the young consumers.

What is the concept behind the packaging design?

  • The packaging design was crafted as a lifestyle product to appeal to the younger consumers – something that they feel comfortable drinking in their day-to-day life.
  • Each product packaging was designed to highlight the purpose by displaying the targetted benefit + the colour.
  • The founder of the company, Mr SM Raju, IAS (Rtrd.) developed out of a personal necessity to address chronic illnesses. We also wanted to highlight the handcrafted feeling by using ‘Creation’ as a script typeface.
  • Given the current constraints of the packaging structure, we also recommended Miracle Drinks to match the colour of their packaging with the bottle cap, so that the product does not look like an alcoholic beverage.


The packaging played a key role in the marketing collaterals that we designed. We used photo manipulation as a technique, to embed the product seamlessly within cues that are relatable to the target groups. You can see in the samples here, we showcased old man, busy/city lifestyle, skiing/holiday/adventure etc. The packaging grabs attention and creates curiosity to read what the brand wants to say.

The brand was launched during an expo recently. The creatives were widely appreciated.