Ohmio was founded as a direct response to the lack of available (and quality) services for the e-commerce sector with regard to the supply of electricity on the island of Puerto Rico. The island has a hurricane season in which many electrical components are damaged, and it already has a poor electrical infrastructure. During these times, customer service is slow.

Customer service, delivery/shipping and product catalogs have always been a chore when looking for electrical/lighting supplies. Although many products were available, it was difficult for customers to access a company with a substantial amount of products. Keeping a large stock of products is the company’s goal, but it’s an arduous task with the island’s limitations. This can be a challenge, but it’s one that can be solved!

CONNECTION/CONNECTION: Directly related to the business segment, the concept of connection is an essential part of the electricity supply. Cables, wires, and inductors are just a few examples of components that are energy conductors to connect equipment. The concept of connection opens up a range of positive interpretations, among which we can highlight the lamp and also the connection between technology and the future, or connections that the brand intends to create with its customers, through high-quality products. In this way, the brand presents a connection point in the typography, which refers to the connections listed above.

OHM SYMBOL: The symbol built to support the brand is directly related to the company name (OHM) and was built within the same typographic grid to maintain visual proximity to the brand, but for isolated use. Where its shape concatenates/reduces the main typography to a single, technical and minimalist symbol. ​​​​​​​